Discover a proven, step by step process
for building your life-long personal community (your tribe)
where you’ll experience ‘coming home’, feeling safe, 
and knowing that you truly belong.

We know that you long to find your tribe
, that family of choice, that island of sanity, that personal community of deep connection... where authentic relationships flourish and you know true belonging and support.

Deep down we are tribal beings. We need each other, yet we live in an increasingly stressful and lonely culture. 

You may struggle to even imagine belonging to such a community and feel overwhelmed by the state of the world, or siloed in your primary relationship.

You may not know who you can really count on. Or you may believe that you’re just too busy and don’t have time for others.   

You are not alone. Our modern culture has destroyed the sense of belonging to a personal tribe and even the memory of close community. We’ve been led to believe that we don’t need each other nor even see the necessity to invest time in each other. 

However… we DO Need each other…we need connection.  We are interdependent by’s deep in us. We say, “You can take the people out of tribe, but you can’t take the tribe out of people”. It’s literally crucial for our health and survival. 

The times we live in require us -- are calling us -- to become conscious community creators…indeed Tribe Builders!

We are now being asked to create safe places within the craziness of our world. Over many years, with lots of mistakes along the way, we deliberately created our own tribe (and helped launch others.) It is indeed a haven to be surrounded by those who encourage you, care about you and have your back!

Inspired to bring tribe to far more people, we developed a step-by-step process for visionary people like you. Just learning what does not work will save you years of struggle.

In this new online course, Time for Tribe, you will discover 7 essential building blocks needed to create your own resource full, social community. You will learn from ancient and modern wisdom what creates the safety needed for the connection that generates enriching life-long relationships. 

To make it easier for you to succeed, we’ve kept it simple.  Your tribe starts small and can eventually grow to 24 local, like-minded people in their own homes - not living communally. Your tribe will be bonded, committed and deeply supportive of each other as you meet regularly and share leadership.  

Building your tribe could well be one of the most loving, activist and powerful things you may ever do for yourself, others around you and beyond.

Our promise to you, dear ones, is to guide YOU in the ways of a new kind of Tribe for our times, empowering you with the vision, practical knowledge and tools to embark on a journey of joyful reconnection with self and others.

Join us to learn how to co-create a new way of living and being on our rapidly-changing earth, as you model being part of the solution.

By the end of this course, you'll have: 

  • Everything you need to create a tribe; tools, processes and clear guidelines on who and how to invite.
  • Structures, songs and ceremonies that create authentic sharing, rewire neural pathways and expand the capacity for safety, contentment and connection.
  • New insights on how to cultivate gender respect and the honoring of differences.
  • Three effective conflict transformation models for your relationships and your tribe.
  • Connection to an online community of tribe builders for mutual support.

You’ll feel renewed inspiration, courage, compassion, belonging and purpose-- a rekindled sense that dreams do come true.

You will know that it truly is Time for Tribe.


Our Personal Journey and Invitation . . .

When vision strikes, a new world opens up.

I was driving to Oregon to see Bill. The day was clear, music filled the car, and then Mt. Shasta in all her glory flashed into view. Suddenly, I saw the future and how our work was to create a new kind of tribe and guide others to do the same. It was shockingly beautiful. My eyes flooded with tears.

Bill and I met at Burning Man in 2005 and discovered our mutual passion around community. We’d tried everything from fraternities to communal living with some successes and some real disasters.

We knew others also hungered to be known authentically and longed for the sustained support of like-minded friends. How often, like us after a workshop of loving connection, had they felt too busy or too far away to ever see those people again?

We began imagining a way to create a local supportive family of choice. There were no maps. We had to make it up. We knew how to sustain friendship and safety between men and women but not how to put it all together. Regardless, we were “on fire” to create it close to home.

We thought our call to community would be easy. But, it was hard for people to grasp. What WERE we talking about? We made many mistakes, learned what did not work and jumped back into the fray.

Determined, we studied what creates connection, what’s worked in the past and called upon mentors’ incisive advice. Bill invited Charles Eisenstein to Ashland in 2009 to lead a “Seeding the Gift Culture” retreat. We are one of those seeds. Our inspiration became: “We don’t seek community to get something but rather to give the gifts of who we are.”

Eventually, we had structure, agreements, values, ceremonies and songs that informed our invitation. Friends accepted. Now six years later, as 20 of us meet weekly, we feel the loving sense of belonging we had imagined.

We’ve led tribe building trainings around the world, written, We Need Each Other, and have helped catalyze enduring tribes throughout the U.S. and Europe.

We feel so strongly about this need in our culture and encourage you to sign up for the live online course to support you in building your own amazing, new kind of tribe!

Zoe & Bill 

What Luminaries Are Saying About Bill & Zoe and Time for Tribe...

"Bill & Zoe have taken on a defining crisis of our time, the loss of community. Grounded in their own experience and the New Story, they teach how to create intimate “tribe” as the unraveling of the old world accelerates."

Charles Eisenstein, author Sacred Economics and The Beautiful World Our Heart’s Know is Possible

“Evocative and practical ideas for making and sustaining community, this is a seedbed for growing the necessary new culture if we are going to survive and enhance life in these challenging times.”

—  Jean Houston, PhD, visionary activist, teacher and author of 80 books

“It is truly ‘time for a tribe’ and Bill and Zoe's wisdom can be a guiding light for all those who seek, in the words of Charles Eisenstein, 'The more beautiful world our hearts know is possible.’ "

Jed Diamond, Ph.D., author of 12 Rules for Good Men.

Here's What You'll Learn:

Session 1: An Awesome Possibility: Building Your Tribe to Deepen Safety, Growth & Belonging

We'll begin by welcoming you to the vision of a new kind of Tribe. This session will guide you in seeing your gifts in a new light that will support you in creating a solid, personal community (your tribe). In this module, you’ll discover:

  • Why building tribe today is totally unique, yet ancient in our bones.
  • How to hold a discerning, visionary intention for the group you want to create.
  • The importance of active listening in all aspects of tribe.
  • A process to recognize and trust the unique gifts you bring.
  • How Tribe is a training ground to live into a more conscious culture.

Session 2: Your People Are Waiting for You: Inviting Others into the Vision of Community Together

This session is about the art of invitation. As you heartfully embrace your vision, sharing the invitation becomes increasingly effortless. You’ll begin by inviting a co-founder, most often a partner or spouse, to join in the co-creation. In this session, you’ll discover:

  • How to think big, start small and listen as you invite people into your tribe.
  • Three key mistakes to avoid in the invitation process.
  • Authentic and powerful ways to discern whom and how to invite.
  • How to begin creating a starter group we call a “Trust Circle.”

Session 3: Setting a Safe Container: Learning the Essential Skills for Establishing Trust

This session will prepare you to lead your Trust Circle as a step towards your life-long tribe. Here we teach the safe boundary skills needed for genuine intimacy as part of the structure that gets everyone “on the same page” as members. In this module, you’ll discover:

  • How to lead circle check-ins with I-statements & feelings.
  • Establishing confidentiality, refraining from cross-talk and “fixing”.
  • Parker Palmer’s practice of offering “a third thing “ and the potency of silence.
  • The power of shared values, structure & commitment for long-term community.

Session 4: A Tribe of Equals: Empowering Respect for Genders Deeper Connection and Emotional Safety

In session four we explore a vitally important issue for Tribe. After decades of separate women’s and men’s consciousness work, it’s time to come together in safe and authentic ways. In this session, you’ll discover:

  • How to honor and appreciate the dance of  masculine and feminine energies as they show up differently.

  • Personal transparency in tribe as key to gender safety.

  • The importance of understanding the vitality of vulnerability and the impact of shame.…what Brené Brown has brought to the public conversation.

  • Understanding the different ways women and men misinterpret each other and how to honor and navigate this confusion.

Session 5: Trust Circle to Tribe: Moving Toward Committed Long-Term Life Together

In this session, you will explore the mechanics of a long-term tribe as we focus on your Trust Circle as part of the beginning adventure into which you will be guiding others. In this session, you’ll discover:

  • How a short-term Trust Group prepares you to build your lifelong Tribe.
  • Membership, skills training and initiation as components that make good sense.
  • That the eventual “leader derolling” empowers everyone in your tribe.
  • How sharing leadership and meeting together in a regular rhythm works.

Session 6: Conflict Transformation: Choosing to Go Deeper to Discover the Gift of Intimacy

Here you’ll learn models that ensure the success of your tribe group.  When a group agrees to use these skills, conflict becomes the catalyst for knowing each other more richly…this is where gold comes from meeting the shadows. Here you’ll discover:

  • Three ways to deal with conflict when it arises.
  • Overcoming fear of confrontation and finding the gift of renewed connection.  
  • How to create optimal conditions for resolution.
  • How to identify unmet needs, personal shadows and triggers.

Session 7: Getting Your Tribe Started: Manifesting the Beautiful Community of Support

In this final session we will review the focus of your personal Tribe and Integrate Commitment, Declaration, Blessing and Ceremony.  In this session, you’ll discover:

  • The transition process from Trust Circle to Tribe.
  • An experience of initiation.
  • The power of ceremony, song, poetry and play.
  • The Joy of New Tribe: Blessing & Contentment.

What Tribe Builders Are Saying About Time for Tribe...

Tribe has been the network of support that allows me to move through the world productively and happily. It is priceless as a stabilizer and amplifier of my work in the world.”

– Jeff Golden, Oregon State Senator and Tribe member

“Bill & Zoe’s wisdom and devotion to community, intimacy and deep connection are palpable. They bring a true elderhood from their years of in-the-trenches community building.

— Laura Parker, founder, Transforming Loneliness Project

"We could never have done this without Bill & Zoe. Their training, book and online coaching guided us and gave us confidence to keep going! After three years, our Tribe of 14 is a treasure of profound gratitude, delight and belonging."

– Rhonda & Peter Clark, Tribe Builders, Grass Valley, California

Here's What You'll Receive

  • 7 Weekly Live Online Teaching Sessions: These are the heart of the program, providing everything you’ll need to build your personal tribe right there where you live. The sessions will be highly educational, interactive and experiential.
  • 7 Q & A Sessions: These are designed to allow you to ask questions and fine tune the program for your unique situation. The Q & A will follow each session.
  • 7 PDF Course Materials Documents and Practice Videos: You will be given small and simple assignments to carry out and practice, depending on the specific session.  Examples include online access to Trust Circle Protocol, Orientation & Initiation document and Partner exercises.
  •  Private Facebook Group: Here you can engage and interact, share your stories and insights with each other. Please log on, introduce yourself and engage with one another. Remember,... we're in this together.
  •  Recordings of ALL sessions:  You’ll have access to each session at your convenience.
  • Custom Course Website: The course site houses all of your course materials and gives you access to the video recordings and course documents. You’ll have Lifetime Access to the course site.

Plus These Special Course Bonuses: 

30-minute private coaching session with Bill Kauth and Zoe Alowan Kauth. 

As a special bonus for early registration, Bill & Zoe are offering a limited number of 30-minute personal coaching sessions. Sessions will take place via Zoom. Availability is limited. ($150 value)

Playful Bonding: A LIVE Interactive Training with Bill & Zoe

Improv games can be incredibly powerful in deepening connection, communication and respect in a group. In this live interactive training session participants will learn how to use ‘Playful Bonding’ games in their initial gatherings like their Trust Circle or their Tribe meetings. Bill and Zoe will teach and then play three improv games useful for building play and rapport in a group. Playful bonding helps to: transcend shyness; reduce fear of ridicule; relax the nervous system; and increase empathy. ($150 value)

We Need Each Other by Bill Kauth and Zoe Alowan  (eBook) 

An excellent guidebook and manual for creating 21st Century community and helping people heal from the wounds of modern society. This very practical "how to" book takes a different approach to building Gift Community, which is,"the ability and willingness to authentically give and receive. There is a shift in the question we ask ourselves from "What can I get?" to "What can I give?" ($20 value)

New Tribe Songs for Singing by Zoe Alowan Kauth (PDF + Video)

Singing together is connecting together. Zoe offers easy to learn songs that, like bottles of good medicine, are useful to tribe. (Value: $10)

Time for Tribe Group Coaching Calls  

You’ll receive two additional 60-minute coaching calls to be held after the end of the course, 1 per month for the following 2 months. These calls will support you in holding your Trust Circle and getting going on building out your tribe. ($195 value)


PLUS: Exclusive Video Workshops with Guest Faculty 

Rick Hanson, Charles Eisenstein and Lion Goodman in conversation with Bill and Zoe. ($150 value)

BUDDHA'S BRAIN AND COMMUNITY with Rick Hanson, Ph.D. Rick speaks with Zoe about the brain, positive neuroplasticity and how to overcome the brain’s negative bias. He shares how it is important for tribe builders to understand the deliberate practice of “taking in the good.” 

Rick Hanson is a psychologist, Senior Fellow at UC Berkeley, and New York Times best-selling author. Rick’s area of expertise is about mindfulness, self-compassion, positive emotions and the “how” of acquiring these strengths.

THE NEW STORY AND TRIBE with Charles Eisenstein – Charles speaks with Bill and Zoe about the monetization of everything and the importance of building authentic interdependence. As friends, we share how all this passion for community began.

Charles Eisenstein is a teacher, speaker and writer focusing on themes of civilization, consciousness, money and human cultural evolution. His online writings have generated a vast following; he speaks frequently at conferences and other events.

TRANSCENDING BELIEFS THAT BLOCK US FROM TRIBE with Lion Goodman – Lion explores the blocking beliefs that keep people from having the tribe they long for. Lion masterfully elucidates the core beliefs behind many of these obstacles.

Lion Goodman is an Educator, a Subconscious Pattern Detective and a Healer of the Psyche. He is known for effectively clearing away limitations, resistances and blocks that interfere with creating the life you want.


It’s More than a Course, it’s a Community…

You'll be part of an engaged, like-minded learning group throughout the 7-week program and beyond — it’s your Time for Tribe Community. Here you’ll be learning from each other, supporting each other’s work, and potentially partnering with your fellow participants on mutual learning. You’ll connect and bond with your course-mates during our time together, and find ways to help each other be successful.

In Their Own Words

Praise from the Time for Tribe Community


Roberta & Craig Nelson

Marianne Kilknenny 


Bill Kauth & Zoe Alowan Kauth

Bill and Zoe are the founders of Time for Tribe global community and authors of We Need Each Other. They have been teaching tribe-building together around the world for more than a decade, and have sparked the creation of many tribes across the planet.

Bill Kauth co-founded the New Warrior Training Adventure and the ManKind Project (MKP), which has initiated 80,000 men into healthy masculinity all around the world. He is the author of A Circle of Men, originally published by St. Martin’s Press. In his role as “Visionary-at-Large” with MKP, Bill studies the state of the world and sees the profound need for human reconnection.

Zoe Alowan Kauth lived in community and has been deeply engaged in sacred art for decades. As an artist, singer and healer, she weaves people together with authenticity and wisdom. She facilitates with humor and insight, co-honoring the divine feminine and masculine. She was one of the founders of Awakening Women and a local Threshold Choir.


Creating Your Personal Community of Deep Belonging

A 7-Week LIVE Online Course 
with Bill Kauth & Zoe Alowan Kauth

Register Now for the April 14th Course

  • 7 Weekly Live Online Teaching Sessions 
  • 7 Live Q & A Sessions with Bill & Zoe
  • 7 PDF Course Materials Documents
  • 7 Practice Videos
  • Private Facebook Group
  •  Recordings of ALL sessions
  •  Lifetime Access to the course website 

PLUS a Bonus Package valued at $525

  • 30-minute Private 1:1 Coaching Session 
  • We Need Each Other Guidebook
  • New Tribe Songs audio and video
  • Time for Tribe Group Coaching Calls
  • Exclusive Video Workshops with Guest Faculty, including Rick Hanson, Charles Eisenstein and Lion Goodman



Just $297

First session begins April 14, 2020
All sessions will be recorded for your convenience, if you're unable to attend live.









No Risk Guarantee: If you feel the course is not right for you, we’ll refund your tuition up to 30 days from the date you purchased the course.


More from Tribe Builders and Students...

“I came away with the knowledge I needed on how to begin the process of building a tribe in my own community. I can’t say enough good things about the training and its leaders. I highly recommend it to anyone interested in learning how to establish their own family of choice."

— Gael McCool, founder FEEL Inc. and author of Be Wise Now

"This course expands and offers practical ways of applying the concepts in Bill and Zoe’s book, “We Need Each Other.” It  emphasizes the importance of intermediate steps, such as Trust/Friendship Circles, in building a tribe. Bill and Zoe’s teaching style is inspirational and motivational."

 Vincent Moskaitis, Albuquerque, NM

“My tribe is coming together as a result of this course! Bill and Zoe provide such a  breadth of experience in the “how-to’s” of forming a personal tribe. They also created a family-like environment to learn it all in! I'm feeling inspired and uplifted and that continues in our online Tribe Community.

 – Barb SchnierApple Valley, CA

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the dates for the 7 live group calls on Zoom. Please note that every live session will be recorded as a video and posted on the course website if you can’t make it live. All calls will be at 11:00 am Pacific Time on these days:

April 14, 21, 28
May 5, 12, 19, 26

All of our group sessions will be recorded so you’ll have access to each session at your convenience.  The Guest Faculty Video Workshops will also be recorded.

Nothing special, just a device that connects to the Internet to participate in the Zoom classes, access the Facebook group, and access to the course website.

 You can finish the course at your own pace in your own time. You will be able to download all the materials and/or access them on the course website. You will have ongoing access to the community FB group so that you can continue to interact and learn with the course participants even after you have completed your sessions.

Bill & Zoe will provide private coaching for an additional fee. All information will be kept confidential. To set up an appointment, contact them at their website:

More from Time for Tribe Students . . .

"Taking the course was marvelous. Everything about it was excellent, including the informative and very helpful handouts and materials that were provided. I appreciated Bill & Zoe’s  knowledge, kindness and loving spirit.

– Natasha Lyndon, British Columbia, CAN

"Bill and Zoe shared a treasure trove of resources and strategies they have developed over the years of creating their own tribe and coaching others to do the same. This dream of tribe is a step by step process. It is not easy but it’s well worth it!."

– Dexter Nardella, Sebastapol, CA

“Zoe and Bill are masters (and mistresses!) of community building. They eschew the “one size fits all” approach and bring their decades-long experience to finding flexible solutions for all situations and challenges in building community."

— Judie Blanchard, Carbondale, CO 


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